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The Pub Quiz… A unique opportunity to competitively showcase your grasp of objective facts whilst having a pint. The choice of questions in a pub quiz can be telling though – of the anticipated demographic of the pub, of the frame of reference of the question setter. What if you don’t know or care about World War II, dead monarchs or 1970s sporting personalities?

There are a few examples of artists subverting the form of the pub quiz. Hussein Mitha and Yara El-Sherbini’s alternative pub quiz, held online in May 2021 (as part of A Public Class: Radical Pub Crawl, an instalment of Ruth Ewan’s contribution to Sit-in Curriculum with Dundee’s Copper Gallery,) performed exactly that function, asking how and why we know what we know and who decides what’s worth knowing. Quizogyny is an ‘intersectional feminist pub quiz zine with a manifesto’, ‘fighting the patriarchy over 5 rounds’, on topics including radical women, spacewomen, even bartenders, in a round called ‘women behind bars’.

This pub quiz is an introspective one. It doesn’t necessarily take place in The Farmer’s Arms (although it can if you want it to) but the questions are about pubs themselves. Some of them are specifically about The Farmer’s Arms and its neighbouring pubs, incorporating things learned whilst on residency at the pub and in the Barrow-in-Furness Archive. Other questions are about the role of pubs in different forms of culture.

You’re invited to have a go at answering as many questions as you can across the five themed rounds, via the Google form linked below. You don’t have to provide any details to take part, but if you’d like to find out the answers and maybe win a pint (or soft drink) at The Farmer’s Arms, then you can leave an email address on the last page.

Try your hand at Timothea’s Farmer’s Arms Pub Quiz by following this Google Link:

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