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Farmyard Radio

Grizedale Arts Farmyard Radio explores how we use art, what it can do and what it offers us in everyday life. We want The Farmer's Arms to be shaped by a diverse range of voices from the very start, so we invited four guest editors for their radical reflections on the work of cultural organisations today and what shape the future could take.

The White Pube: Institutions - How to Change the Offer and Reset the Delivery System

Join The White Pube as they consider alternative options for curating, promoting and supporting culture and how we might dismantle the hierarchy to reset and the offer.

The White Pube speak to Liam Naughton from The Kazimier and Invisible Wind Factory and writer, cultural producer and co-founder of the Khidr Collective Zain Dada.

Warning: contains swearing

Ella Deacy: Content - What and Where is it Now?

Join former Grizedale Arts volunteer, editor and artist Ella Deacy as she discusses content and if anyone really care about it. Are we happier with just being creative and ingenious as an end in itself? Is the delivery mechanism more important than the message?

Ella speaks to fashion designer and Founder of CONGREGATION Design, Marie Maisonneuve; artist and writer, Alex Hackett; and illustrator, Joe Ruddick.

juneau/projects: It’s Been a Privilege - Dismantling the Cultural Hierarchy

Join veteran Grizedale Arts podcasters juneau/projects (Ben Sadler and Philip Duckworth) as they explore and dismantle the cultural hierarchy.

juneau / projects interview Milton Keynes Arts Centre Director, Fiona Venables, and National Trust Cultural Programmes Consultant and CEO of Kala Phool, Indy Hunjan. Other podcast contributors include Cathy Wade, Amelia Hawk, Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Faye Claridge, Mark Essen, Emma Price, and Cindy Smith read by Leah Borromeo. 

Samra Mayanja: What do we Mean by ‘Communities’ and how do we engage with them?

Join artist Samra Mayanja (former Grizedale Arts volunteer, now board member) as she gets to grips with some of the realities and language around socially engaged practice, the old and new arguments.

The transcript and a list of voices (references) for this podcast are all documented in this G-Drive folder: feel free to have a look.

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