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Volunteer at The Farmer’s Arms

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th March/ Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th March
10:00 - 18:00 GMT
Come and join us at The Farmer’s Arms for some socially distanced scraping and filling, mending and cleaning.

Notes For Applicants
Achieving our target for re-opening the first phase of the pub by Summer 2021 means lots of gritty work is needed, so if you are up for a challenge and are not afraid of a bit of graft, why not join one of our volunteer days. We'll reward you with a big lunch (as well as tea, coffee and cake) and lots of lively conversation around the future of the building and land.

To help adhere to social distancing restrictions and to keep everyone safe, we'll need to limit our volunteer capacity on each of the four days planned.

If you'd like to join us, you will need to register in advance before 1700GMT on Monday 8 March.

To register, email our Valley Project Manger, Emma Sumner (using the link below) and let her know which days you'd prefer to join and if you have any special talents for hard work that would be useful for us to know in advance so we can make best use of your talents and make sure you feel extra useful (e.g. are you a dab hand at tiling, love cleaning, or enjoy cleaning gutters).  

Covid-19: we are closely monitoring the government's social distancing guidelines and will make needed adjustments to the volunteer days offer in line with the latest advice to ensure the safety of all involved.

Click here to contact us and register your interest.

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