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The Farmer’s Fields

The pub is surrounded by 6 acres of land within three fields, all of which were heavily grazed by sheep until 2022. We have hedgerows, a group of mature sycamores and many different habitats across the land, from well-drained slopes to boggy areas and ditches. Fantastic views abound, of the Crake valley’s woodlands and of the distant Furness fells.

Whilst it’s early days yet, we are making gradual but significant changes to enhance biodiversity on these meadows: improving hedgerows and planting new ones, planting native trees and sowing native species of wildflowers, reducing mowing and allowing many areas to colonise with native plants which will feed and support our insects and invertebrate populations.

The land around the pub is the subject of an ecology survey we have commissioned across 2023, looking at our various habitats at intervals, and monitoring the wildlife they support. This report will form the basis for a Green Action Plan which will programme future activities and interventions to enhance biodiversity and help tackle the climate emergency we all face.

In the meantime, we mow the fields as little as possible, making pathways for foot access and for special events that require parking or stalls, for example. A local farmer has removed the hay for the last two seasons, and this also helps to reduce fertility and hence increase wildflower populations.

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