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Got a making project that you are stuck with? Need some expert advice but don’t want to join a course or class?

Want to improve your skills or pick up pottery again but don’t have the needed equipment available?

Join workshop team, Tom Philipson (Director of Making) and Francis Lloyd-Jones (Potter-In-Residence) for our Drop In Making Days and get expert advice on your upholstery, furniture restoration, pottery or woodworking projects. These days are open to people of all levels of ability, from those who would benefit from one-to-one tuition to develop their skills, to those looking for a space to make with expert advice on hand. For anyone who is a beginner, we recommend taking one of our evening courses before using the Drop In Making Days.

To join one (or all) of our Making Days, contact Tom Philipson ( with your furniture restoration, woodwork or upholstery queries and Francis Lloyd-Jones ( with your pottery problems. They will go through your project with you to advise what support they can provide and the applicable charges for what you’ll need and materials we might supply.

For general queries, you can also contact us here.

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