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Adam Sutherland

Director, Grizedale Arts

Tom Philipson

Director of Making (The Valley)

Karen Guthrie

Director of Detail

Grace Holland


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Grace is also gardener at our sister site, Lawson Park, and Blackwell, where she keeps the Edwardian Mawson garden on the straight and narrow.

Favourite gardener? Local gardener Gary Primrose. His ethos of a gentle, light-touch approach where a garden can have many yields (and not just for humans) influenced me hugely.
When you’re not gardening? Orienteering — our local club is really welcoming and it’s something I can do with my kids as well as solo. I like how it requires total focus – it’s like a form of meditation!
Must-have gardening tool? Good, sharp secateurs and a secateurs holster

Matt Turnbull

Head of Veg

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Joining the team at the start of the 2023 growing season, Matt’s taken on the challenge of expanding the range of produce we grow in house and significantly lowering our menu’s food miles.

Favourite tool? Hori Hori — a Japanese trowel, spade & blade tool
Favourite gardener? Hans Steenbergen, Curtis Stone, Richard Perkins & Charles Dowding
Menu recommendations? The McM$ffin is an absolute staple of my late lunch!

Alistair Debling


Francis Lloyd-Jones

Pub Potter

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Francis joined The Farmer’s Arms team in February 2022 in an unconventional move from London to Lowick. It may have been a shock at first, but he’s developed a great appreciation of the local community.

Least favourite thing to make for the pub? Plates. Whilst I don’t mind actually making them, they take up so much space in the workshop during their production.
When you’re not in the workshop? I’ll unashamedly admit to switching off with some real trash TV, interspersed with some high brow, cultured films here ‘n’ there.

Ali Hooper

Hospitality Team Member

Debbie Atkinson

Team Supervisor (Café Queen)

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Serving up frothy coffees and dishing out delicious cakes ever since we opened the doors back in 2021, Debbie has lots of previous experience in the catering industry. Her last job was in a boarding school catering for 22 different nationalities.

You’ve been in Lowick for a long time? I met my husband in the Red Lion at Lowick Bridge in 1984 – both our families have lived locally for at least five generations!
Hobbies? Gardening, cooking, cycling and tending to my flock of sheep
Best things about The Farmer’s Arms? The people, customers, fresh flowers, food and not forgetting, the cycle to work.


Pub Pest Controller

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Our pub cat Bailey keeps a very close 24/7 watch over The Farmer’s Arms and all our punters. He joined the team from a local rescue centre and now lives a stress-free life, hopping between neighbouring gardens, sleeping on the hot water tank and keeping unwanted pests away.

Favourite space at The Farmer’s Arms? I’m not allowed in the building as I make canine visitors bark. Personally, I think we should be a feline only pub but I can’t purrrrrsuade the rest of the team! 
Menu recommendations? I never refuse a bit of scampi when its going spare

Fern Oxley

Finance Officer

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When Fern isn’t crunching the numbers for our accounts, she’s focussing on music production & engineering and DJing with excursions in textiles, ceramics and printmaking. 

Your passions? Food and cooking — I love exploring new cuisine and cooking styles whilst having a varied and nutritious diet.
Favourite space at The Farmer’s Arms? The garden — it’s fascinating watching it change and develop over the seasons and the blooms in summer are stunning!
Menu recommendations? Definitely the twice-cooked chips or anything from the fish menu!

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